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When Tripolino sings ‘Gesthsemane’ he holds the audience in thrall and by the crucifixion your heart is breaking not for a symbol but for a man in agony for a reason he cannot comprehend. It’s a thrilling performance. 

The Reviews Hub on Jesus Christ Superstar at the Barbican Centre, London

Robert Tripolino's performance as the young Italian unionist Sal is lively and energetic but his softer moments with Rebecca and her child demonstrate further sides to his acting abilities. 

Whats On Stage on Rags at the Hopemill Theatre, Manchester

Jesus Christ Superstar Image by Johan Persson

Rags image by Nathan Chandler

Robert Tripolino plays Rob’s love rival, a retro-hippy vegan so obnoxious you want to bludgeon him with a salami. 

The Daily Mail on High Fidelity at the Turbine Theatre, London

High Fidelity image by Mark Senior

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